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Local San Antonio Roofer versus Out of Town Roofer

Rhino Tuff Roofing is a Local San Antonio Roofer, not an out-of-town roofing company. We have been roofing homes in San Antonio since 2005. Rhino Tuff Roofing specializes in storm damage repair. We have locations in TX, OK, KS, NM.  Since we are in multiple markets we are often confused by local companies and clients […]

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Leon Valley Texas Roofer Shows How to Measure Your Roof

Leon Valley Texas Roofer Bret Hannah, President of Rhino Tuff Roofing, Shows How to Measure Your Roof Measuring a roof is easy once you know some roofing terminology and a couple of simple rules of geometry. Roofers express area in “squares”.  A “square” is 100 square feet, a 10′ x 10′ area. 1 square=100 square […]

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