Plano Roofing Company details differences between asphalt and metal

Plano Roofing Company Rhino Tuff Roofing details differences between asphalt and metal roofing materials.

When building or upgrading your home you need to carefully consider what options are available to you when designing your roof.  Metal is becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst new home owners, but that does not mean that asphalt shingles are without its own benefits.  We have decided to break down some of the more significant differences between metal and asphalt so that you can make a more informed purchasing decision.

Asphalt shingles:

  1. Wider variety of color options
  2. Increasing number of sizes available
  3. Easy to work with and install compared to metal
  4. Will not rust or bend
  5. Can be installed in multiple layers
  6. Not as slick to walk on if you are making repairs
  7. Does not contract or expand due to weather conditions
  8. Longevity questions; will need more maintenance than metal
  9. Cheaper


  1. Although not as robust, there are still many color options available
  2. Recyclable
  3. Better prevention of leaks
  4. Fireproof
  5. Less maintenance
  6. Can save money on home insurance
  7. Longer warranty
  8. Exceptional performance against extreme-weather
  9. More expensive

Since the roof is (arguably) the most important part of your home, we strongly urge you to seek professional advice on which option works best for you.  Whichever material you decide on, please remember to schedule regular inspections.

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