Leon Valley Roofer Talks About Inclement Weather in San Antonio

Leon Valley Roofer Bret Hannah, President of Rhino Tuff Roofing, Talks About Inclement Weather in San Antonio.

iStock_000031222506Small“This Spring and early Summer have been a real mess for a lot of Texans.” says Bret Hannah. “Between the hail storms, wind storms and flooding rains homeowners have had a tough time during April, May and June.”

Rainfall totals of up to 12 inches in Blanco, 9 inches in Boerne, and between 2.5-5 inches across San Antonio were reported just during the May 24th storms alone. Law enforcement in Hays County reported almost 350 homes were flooded in Wimberley due to the rising water levels of the river.

If you have not yet surveyed your roof the check for wind or hail damage please give us a call. We are delighted to come out and help. You should not rely on your own survey, however, since roof damage can exist that is not evident to the untrained eye. We have experienced professionals who know exactly what to look for and can quickly assess your roof for damage that you would not notice unless you have experience looking at roofs.

Did you know that wind speeds of as little as 40 miles per hour can cause damage? We have certainly seen plenty of wind in excess of 40 mph this spring. Roof damage can take months to show up and by the time you notice the leaks inside your home the damage can be much worse that if you catch it early.

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