San Antonio Roofer compares Leaf Dams to Ice Dams.

San Antonio Roofer Bret Hannah, President of Rhino Tuff Roofing, compares Leaf Dams vs Ice Dams.

Wikipedia example of Ice Dam on Slate Roof

Wikipedia example of Ice Dam on Slate Roof

Ice dams are not much of a problem in S. Texas, but leaf dams are much more common.

First, consider what an Ice Dam is. When snow stays on a roof for significant time it is common for daytime heating to melt snow next to the roof, near the peaks, and the water runs down the roof under the snow until it hits freezing air when it refreezes. This commonly occurs at the edge of the roof or at the gutter. Ice dams are problems because as later runoff hits the ice it fails to exit the roof and pools allowing seepage under the roof tiles and substrate causing all kinds of water damage.

Leaf dams are not much different from an ice dam. Leaf dams occur when long term leaf debris stays on the roof, typically accumulating in valleys and at gutters. The leaf material can decompose and make a muddy, clay like, material which can prevent later water runoff just like an ice dam. Leaf dams can cause water to seep under the roofing material or substrate and cause damage exactly like an ice dam. Leaf dams are a problem in S. Texas in many neighborhoods.

The great thing about leaf dams is that you can completely avoid any problem by getting onto your roof once or twice a year and removing the buildup of leaf materials. Of course, for some elderly residents this is easier said than done so you have plenty of situations where a property has leaf dam buildups which last for several years and problems ensue. If you are buying a home or a rental property and notice leaf material buildup on the roofs take extra care to inspect the roof for damage. A lot of homes are purchased in the summer when there is little rain and the ground level visual evidence of roof damage is less obvious.

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