Local San Antonio Roofer vs Out of Town Roofer

San Antonio RooferRhino Tuff Roofing is a Local San Antonio Roofer, not an out-of-town roofing company. We have been roofing homes in San Antonio since 2005.

Rhino Tuff Roofing is a San Antonio Roofer that specializes in storm damage repair. We have locations in TX, OK, KS, NM.  Since we are in multiple markets we are often confused by local companies and clients as an out-of-town roofer. When we enter a new market we have to overcome a lot of concerns that customers have that we are an “out of town” Roofers. Keep in mind that just because you are considering using a ‘local’ roofer it doesn’t mean that he provides a quality product or that it will be installed correctly.

There are many companies, like Rhino Tuff Roofing, that  expand into new markets following storms. Some of these companies are good roofers and some are not so good. When Rhino Tuff Roofing opens a new location in a community, we are there to stay. We use local subcontractors, so there are no warranty issues and we purchase our materials from local suppliers.  We keep your money in your community.

Severe storms are terrible things to have blow through a community, however, such storms often determine where we open new locations.  When we move into a community we are here to stay. We become members of the local community.

As I said,  there are good roofers and bad roofers. We advise our clients to check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).  Time after time I have seen people choose a roofer because he was local even though the roofer had a horrible BBB rating as opposed to us just because it was our first year in that city. If the company has multiply locations look at there history in other cities that will be a good indication of how they will run there business in your city.

The BBB is a wealth of information on all types of business’s. I have come to understand that the biggest concern people have is related to the warranty and whether or not we will be there if needed. Look at a company’s history with the BBB and what you should really be concerned about is how they handle there complaints, not where they are from.

We always advice our clients that they should never pay anyone up front. You might consider giving the roofer a partial draw after the material has arrived, but final payment should only be made when job is complete. With Rhino Tuff Roofing we only request partial payment for materials on the largest of jobs. In most cases we do not require any money up front. We do ask for payment upon completion of the job.

If you have any questions please give me a call. We are a local San Antonio Roofer and we proud of our record and we look forward to the opportunity to make you one of our many happy clients.

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