San Antonio Roofer talks about the prices of roofing materials.

San Antonio RooferRhino Tuff Roofing, a licensed San Antonio Roofer, answers questions about the cost of roofing materials.

It seems like the price of everything is slowly (some would say rapidly) going up. In today’s economy people are becoming increasingly aware of the costs of goods and services they purchase.  Many people wonder why the price of roofing materials seems to continue to rise even though the cost of petroleum has decreased over the last year.  Well, here is our assessment of the situation.

We all know that composite roofing shingles are petroleum based.  Typically, when oil prices rise there is a resulting price increase in composite shingles.  On the reverse side, when oil prices decline so do the cost of composite shingles.  This has not been the case this past year.

I had a conversation with a petroleum engineer recently and he explained the reason for this.  He stated that if you had a barrel of oil most of it would be refined into fuel while the remaining “sludge” at the bottom would be the only portion that would be used for asphalt related products such as composite shingles.  Thanks to recent innovations in technology that now enable a greater position of the sludge to be converted into fuel there is less sludge left over in the refining process.

The sad fact is that improvements in refining processes have created a decrease in the supply of the cheap sludge that is used to manufacture composite shingles. This has forced shingle manufacturers to pay higher prices for sludge, and of course they pass these higher prices along to the end consumer.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of the situation, and thank you for your contiued patronage!

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