San Antonio Roofing Contractor-Winter is Coming

Bret Hannah is president of Rhino Tuff Roofing, a San Antonio Roofing Contractor. Bret want you to consider some tips for staying warm and safe this winter.

McAllen TX Roof MaintenanceIn addition to helping home owners install and repair roofing which is damaged, Bret and his team of expert workmen also do general construction. They do things like add rooms, remodel homes, upgrade kitchens and bathrooms, and add porches and outdoor living areas onto existing homes. They are often asked how to lower home heating and cooling costs.

Generally, there are a couple of main things you can do to reduce your monthly energy costs for heating or cooling your home. First, find ways to reduce the loss of hot or cold air through improved insulation, and second, reduce the amount of air that escapes or enters through leaky doors and windows.

To improve your insulation start in the attic since heat rises. Increase the amount of insulation over the living areas of your home. Next, consider having insulation blown into your walls, if there is a lack of wall insulation. It is amazing how many new home builders skimp on costs by not putting any insulation inside the exterior walls. Also, another big problem, is that insulation in the walls sags over time so that the upper third or half of the exterior wall has no insulation because it has settled into the lower wall space. Adding blown in insulation can make a big difference.

For leaky doors and windows your can either plug the leaks with caulking or weatherstripping or you can replace the older windows and doors with better quality new windows and doors. Many people still have single pane, builder grade, windows in their homes. Installing newer double or triple pane windows can dramatically reduce the cost of heating or cooling your home.

Similarly, many new homes have hollow core wood or metal doors installed on outside doors and replacing them with either foam core or solid wood doors can make a big difference.

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Bret Hannah is President of Rhino Tuff Roofing. Rhino Tuff Roofing is a certified home contractor and San Antonio Roofing Contractor with a reputation for quality work and prompt response. Give Bret a call any time you want a second opinion.

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