Plano Commercial Roofing talks about cost of roofing materials

Plano Commercial Roofing Rhino Tuff Roofing talks about cost of roofing materials.

There are a variety of factors that exist that affects overall pricing of roofing materials.  However, before you balk at the cost, please take a moment to listen to our examination of the issue.

McAllen Tx RoofingAs I begin, I want to make it know that clients often ask me why the price of roofing materials never ceases to rise despite that fact that petroleum prices often decrease.  First, understand that almost everyone is aware that composite roofing shingles are petroleum based.  Generally speaking, when oil prices rise there is a corresponding price increase in composite shingles.  Similarly, as oil prices decrease so does the cost of composite shingles.  However, this has not occurred over the past year.

I recently spoke with a petroleum engineer, and he gave me his thoughts on the issue.  He briefly stated that if you had a barrel of oil most of that oil would end up being refined into fuel; the remaining sludge at the bottom, on the other hand, would be the only portion of the barrel used for asphalt related products such as composite shingles.  However, due to advances in technology that now allows a larger percentage of the sludge to be converted into fuel, much less sludge is left over after the refining process.

The bottom line is that innovations in refining processes have resulted in a greatly decreased supply of cheap sludge used to manufacture composite shingles.  This decreased supply has forced shingle manufacturers to pay much higher prices for sludge; as always, higher spending costs gets passed on to the consumer.

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