Plano Hail Storm Damage Repairs Continue

iStock_000031222506SmallRhino Tuff Roofing owner Bret Hannah has been repairing roofs in North Texas for over 20 years and he says this storm season has been one of the roughest yet.

Obviously, temporary repairs are urgently needed in the days immediately after a storm, but, often the best time to repair the home is later in the spring or even during the summer when you can safely remove the old tiles and install the new roof. It takes 1 or two days to replace a roof on the average home and the unpredictability of spring storms makes it tough to schedule a time to replace a roof. With as many homes in need of repair as there are, and with a limit on the number of skilled roofing crews in the area, it is often several weeks or months before a particular home can be scheduled for repair.

Call Bret Hannah at 877-229-4245 an schedule a visit to assess the damage to your roof and talk about scheduling a time to get your home back in tip-top shape.