Arvada Colorado Commercial Roof Repair Contractor Talks May 2017 Hail Storm

Arvada Colorado Commercial Roof Repair ContractorArvada Colorado Commercial Roof Repair Contractor talks about the importance of having quality roofing installation and maintenance.

The roof over your home or business can be damaged by many disparate causes such as storms, heavy rain, cyclones, hail, etc. Regardless of the quality of the materials you use you may find that the time comes when you need to consider replacing the existing roof. You have lots of choices as to the materials that you may use including asphalt shingles, clay tiles, concrete tiles, wood shingles, metal roofing, slate roofing among others that are available. The costs of these materials covers the gamut from low to high but regardless the expense is one that you never really want to have to pay. Generally speaking, the more you invest in quality of your roof the less frequently you will have to replace those materials and the lower the ongoing maintenance will be.

Choosing the Right Materials

What are the right materials for your roof? That depends on a number of factors, but the first consideration is the underlying roof structure and the amount of weight that can be supported. You must consider not only the weight of the roofing materials but also the weight of any weather related loads that may occur such as snow and ice, or heavy rains. The next major consideration is the type of weather that you typically encounter in your geographical locale. Building codes must also be considered as well as home owner association requirements if any such exist. Finally, you should consider aesthetic factors such as home style and design along with personal preferences for style and color.

Install Roof Deck Protection

Quality roofing starts with the underlying roof structure and the decking that is used to attach the roof to. Many roofers use sub-standard plywood, sometimes as light weight as 3/8 inch thick. This is not sufficient to support many roofs. The thicker the roof decking the stronger the roof. Be sure that you specifically ask what plywood weight will be used to replace damaged decking.

Next, the underlying decking should have a water barrier installed over it. The barrier is often simple oil paper which is proven to be very effective. The purpose of the water barrier is to add a second layer of protection in case any water penetrates the roof tile system. The water barrier not only acts as a second layer or protection to the interior of the home but also protects the decking plywood and underlying frame structure of the roof from water damage.

Install Flashing and Guttering

Roofs have several natural or inherent weak spots where water penetration is common. These weak spots include the gutters between major pitches of the roof, the boundaries next to roof penetrations such as plumbing and fireplace junctions, and the peak where two pitches come together. The proper method of handling these potential weak spots is to use flashing and guttering and special peak tiles.

Install Shingles

It is necessary and vital to nail your shingles in the proper angle. The first line of your roof shingles should be installed with no error because it serves as the foundation of the other shingles that will be installed. It should also have a strong foundation to prevent it from being destroyed or damaged when a storm comes.

While roofing is not an extremely ‘high-tech’ process it is critical that it is done correctly otherwise you run the risk of damage to both the interior of your home or business as well as damage to the physical structure of your home or building.

Rhino Tuff Roofing is licensed in Colorado and services the Denver,Arvada, Wheat Ridge and Lakewood areas which were hit with a massive hail storm in May of 2017. Give Bret Hannah, the owner of Rhino Tuff Roofing, a call at 303-803-0825 for a free roof inspection and a quote you can count on. Rhino Tuff Roofing works with all major insurance carriers and can help with your insurance company negotiations.

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