Celina Texas Hail Storm Damages Homes – Businesses

Celina Texas RooferCelina Texas Roofer Offers Emergency Help to Home Owners and Business Owners.

Bret Hannah is owner of Celina Texas Roofer Rhino Tuff Roofing and has been helping home owners and businesses for over 20 years when storms damage roofs.

Protecting your home and business from storm damage is pretty much limited to preparing for the worst by having the right kind of insurance and the right levels of protection. It would be great if you could drive your business under an overpass or parking garage when a hail storm is coming but not only do is that impossible it is also nearly impossible to know in advance that you are about to get hit by a hail storm.

Celina Texas Roofer

Most roofs are designed to handle hail up to about a half inch in diameter but even such small hail stones can cause damage if the roof is older, depending on the materials used. All roofs age under the combination of ultraviolet radiation and wind and water. Even the best quality materials will eventually succumb to the elements.

It is a very good idea to have your roof inspected after each and every hail storm. If you have your roof inspected and there is no damage you have peace of mind. If there is damage you can get it repaired before any additional damage occurs, whether limited to the roof or to the structure or its contents. If you have a relationship with your roofing contractor you can usually get an inspection at little or no cost. If you do not have a relationship give Bret a call.

Bret Hannah has been building a business based on quality workmanship and long lasting ‘good neighbor’ relationships for over 20 years. Call Bret at 214-327-4245 today and have peace of mind tonight.

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